Frequently Asked Questions

Can Juniors join the Bowmen of Warfield club?

Juniors aged 8 and above are welcome to join the club. All junior members between the ages of 8 and 18 must be accompanied by their parents (or parentally approved guardians) at all times. Acceptance of Juniors onto the Beginner’s course or as members of the club is subject to the approval of the head coach, based on an assessment of capability to practice archery safely.

When can members shoot at the Bowmen of Warfield outdoor range?

The shooting field at Hill Farm Lane is open to club members (aged 18 and over) 7 days a week. Access to the field is controlled by a combination lock. The combination is changed annually and will be given to you once membership fees have been paid. For safety reasons, archers must close and secure the gate if they are shooting alone.

Can non-members shoot at the Bowmen of Warfield outdoor range?

Archers from other clubs can shoot at the Bowmen of Warfield outdoor range either by becoming Associate club members or for a fee of £3.00 per day GNAS members will be allowed to shoot as long as they are accompanied by a member. We have several Associate club members who take advantage of the 365 day access to the field for shooting. Please contact the Club Secretary for more details.

Do you run training courses for beginners?

The club runs an annual beginners course for non members, usually held on Saturdays during the Spring/Summer. Please see the beginner’s course page for more details.

Do I have to register for the Beginners course?

The Beginner’s course is very popular and there are a limited number of places each year. To join the course you must complete an application form and obtain confirmation that you have been allowed to join the course. We regret we cannot accept any people turning up without pre-registration.

Do you run Have-A-Go events where members of the public can try archery?

Yes, we offer different types of have a go events for companies and other youth organisations such as the Scouts in order to promote the sport of archery to a wider group. Please check the club Have a Go page for more details. Please email the Club Secretary for more details (see link at bottom of page).