BOW Treasurer Job Role

Below is the Club Job Role for the Treasurer

The role is as an officer of the club and as such has a responsibility to act in a professional and fair manner. See archery GB code of conduct for club officials.

The Club Treasurer will:

  • Be responsible for the finances of the club and maintaining accurate accounts of club assets, liabilities, income, expenditure and sales or purchase of goods and services by the club. These accounts shall be available for reasonable inspection by Members upon request.
  • Present an overview report of the clubs financial situation at each management committee meeting .
  • Responsible for managing the club bank accounts.
  • Responsible for ensuring the club accounts are audited by an external auditor from the club management committee, this can be a club member (the auditor should be a qualified accountant, and in no way related to the current treasurer).
  • Shall present a Statement of Accounts at the AGM.