BOW Club Secretary Job Role

Below is the job role for the Club Secretary

The role is as an officer of the club and as such has a responsibility to act in a professional and fair manner. See archery GB code of conduct for club officials attached

The responsibility of the club secretary is to:

    • Co-ordinate the affairs of the club on behalf of the management committee and club members.
    • The postal address of the club is that of the current secretary.
    • Keep minutes of all meetings (AGM’s, EGM’s, Committee meetings etc.)
    • Publish agenda for all club meetings inclusive of requested items by club and committee members.
    • Be the point of contact for GNAS/Archery GB/County & Region
    • Keep committee members and club members informed of all governance changes directed by our governing bodies which may affect membership and the running of the club
    • Be responsible in answering enquires from the public and other sporting/governing bodies on behalf of the club.
    • Co-ordinate the annual club calendar
    • Keep Governance notice boards upto date and ensure meeting minutes are published and available to all members.
    • Administer the booking of club archery “Have a Go’s”
    • Administer the booking of club beginner’s courses in co-ordination with the club Head Coach and the Bow coaching Group
    • Administer Top Club Coach vote
    • Communicate with the club membership, co-ordinate and send out club emails as requested by club committee members as required
    • Be responsible for convening the club AGM in accordance with the current club constitution.
    • Be responsible for convening a club EGM as requested by the management committee in accordance with the current club constitution.
    • Keep good accurate records
    • Present a Statement of activity by the club at the Annual General Meeting.
    • Be responsible for convening meetings for Complaints and Appeals to be heard.
    • Maintain club incident log.
    • Work with the Webmaster and other committee members to ensure all information about the club is accurate and kept upto date on the club website.
    • Work closely with the club Membership Secretary and Club Treasurer
    • Keep all appropriate club records – Note: The treasurer, records officer and other officers of the club are also responsible in keeping appropriate records.
    • Co-ordinate and check that the Indoor venue is booked for the annual 20 week shoot
    • Ensure a smooth handover when term of office ends

The needs of the club may dictate what is required of the club secretary and therefore this list is not exhaustive.

It should be noted that the Secretary does not make decisions or decide club policy alone this is the responsibility of the club committee as a whole.