Archery Restrictions Update

July 29, 2021

Dear Members,
ArcheryGB have lifted all restrictions imposed upon the club as a result of the pandemic.  The Committee have decided that with immediate effect the following changes will take place.
1) The clubhouse is fully open with no restrictions.  This includes, drinking facilities and score sheets.   The clubhouse crockery has been sorted, cleaned and is ready for use.  The tea, coffee and biscuits have been restocked.  Please keep the clubhouse tidy, wash up afterwards and please bring the odd pint of milk or packet of biscuits !  We respectively ask those using the clubhouse to sanitise and be mindful of other using the clubhouse as we get used to the new guidelines on social distancing. 

2) Scoresheets are now available for photocopying and for physical scoring.  For all submitted official AGB rounds (not frostbite) please leave the scoresheet in the clubhouse score sheet board.  We will continue to accept emailed copies but the original signed score sheet must be left in the clubhouse.   These will be picked up periodically.

3) Lanes 3 to 8 will become multiple boss lanes and instead of booking a lane, you will book a boss.  12 bosses are available for booking, of which 3 are assigned to lanes 1,2 & 9 with 9 bosses available between lanes 3 to 8.

4) Lane 1, 2 & 9 will remain as 30m maximum distance lanes.  No additional bosses should be placed within these lanes.

5) Any boss not within the confines of the 30m restriction (lanes 1,2 & 9) can be moved to any valid AGB distance (10y to 100y or 10m to 90m)

6) On any boss/lane, there is no restriction on how many archers are permitted to shoot, subject to the normal AGB rules of shooting.  ie a maximum of 4 is recommended.

7) Double detail is allowed.

8) Whilst we adjust to the new way, no archer has to share a boss if they do not want to.  Simply book a boss/lane and this is reserved for you exclusively.

9) Please continue to book lanes/bosses in the usual way, but we will accept initials and only one person has to book the lane/boss if multiple people are sharing.

Thank you for all your patience and understanding whilst we have had to make changes inline with AGB and Government restrictions.  

Watch this space for further club announcements, including a  welcome new beginners social.
RegardsThe CommitteeBowmen of Warfield