Frostbite League

October 24, 2019

Hi All,

I know you’ve all been anxiously awaiting this so here it is.

Frostbite Rules Winter 2019/2020

The Frostbite league consists of 20 weeks of frostbite rounds. 

A Frostbite round in 36 arrows at 30m on an 80 cm target face with 10 zone scoring. Juniors unable to shoot 30m will be allowed to shoot a Junior Frostbite/Snowflake round which is 36 arrows at 15m on an 80 cm target face with 10 zone scoring.

On the day:

A nominated field captain must control proceedings.

If possible, a single detail of 2 archers per boss will shoot.

Set up 10.30am with assembly 11am and sighters shortly after.

Those that are not registered and set up by assembly cannot take part; i.e. no making up ends after the shoot has finished. Only scores shot on Sunday morning at the organised shoot count. The field captain will be responsible for posting the target list in the Red post box in the club house.

Start date is 10th November. Last Sunday is 22nd March. This gives 20 weeks with no Sunday break for Christmas.

Your best 8 scores and 1 worst score will be used to calculate your final season score. The scores will be handicap adjusted throughout the season and therefore, bow type, experience and shooting level is catered for. Your handicap will be initially based on your first 3 scores, and then adjust weekly after the shoot throughout the season. The initial 3 scores will take the handicap adjustment from the initial handicap calculation.

Leaderboards will be published along with the monthly Records Officer updates.

Following completion of the final shoot, the Frostbite Adult & Junior Cup (you keep the cup for 1 year) will be awarded to the highest placed adult and junior regardless of sex or bow type. A silver & bronze medal for both adults and juniors will be awarded for 2nd and 3rd place accordingly. The handicap system caters for different bow types. An additional award will be made for the single highest unadjusted score during the league.Any questions please ask.
Mike Hardman