Updates from Record Officer

  • Frostbite & Indoor Season Update – Jan 19 BOW Indoor Report Dec 2018Download Frostbite 2018-2019 - Jan 18Download Well done to the following.  I will be giving out badges during January and/or leaving them on the notice board in the club house. Frostbite Tim Lees 275 Rab Miller 300 Trish Marriott 250 Colin Whysall 340 Portsmouth Ed Cecil (Longbow) "C" Classification Harvey Cecil "E" Classification Keith Swanepoel 550  Marek Sikora (Barebow) 500 & "C" Classification Matthew ...
  • Frostbite & Indoor Season Update – Dec 2018 Please find details of the Frostbite league update and the indoor season progress. Frostbite 2018-2019 - Dec 18 BOW Indoor Report Nov 2018 Well done to the following members who have been awarded badges this month Frostbite Mike Hardman 250 Dave Pengelly 250 Nick Wells 250 Neil Lancaster 250 Mark Davidson 250 Keith Swanepeol 300 Portsmouth Brogan Burke 450 & F Classification Colin Simpson C Classification Colin Whysall 550 Ed ...
  • 2018 Outdoor Season Housekeeping Please find the handicaps and classifications for members who shot during 2018 in the outdoor season and submitted the relevant scores.  This is your 2019 starting handicap and classification.  If you happen to submit an outdoor score between now and the end of the year that would change this, I will let you know personally.   2019 ...

Threshold scores for Outdoor Classifications

Senior Barebow - Imperial

thumbnail of Barebow Imperial Classification Rounds

Senior Barebow - Metric

thumbnail of Barebow Metric Classification Rounds

Senior Compound - Imperial

thumbnail of Compound Imperial Classification Rounds

Senior Compound - Metric

thumbnail of Compound Metric Classification Rounds

Senior Longbow - Imperial

thumbnail of Longbow Imperial Classification Rounds

Senior Longbow - Metric

thumbnail of Longbow Metric Classification Rounds

Senior Recurve - Imperial

thumbnail of Recurve Imperial Classification Rounds


Senior Recurve - Metric

thumbnail of Recurve Metric Classification Rounds