Updates from Record Officer

  • December Indoor Report Please find below the Indoor report for scores up to and including December 2015. This report shows the badge eligibility (see Classifications ringed in red, or black for Colin!). Please note, you must submit 3 eligible scores to qualify for a badge. Classification badges, 252's and Portsmouth badges will be given out on the evening of ...
  • November Indoor Score Summary Please find attached the November version of the Monthly Indoor Score Summary. I would welcome some feedback - do you like the report? Is it correct? Is it useful?
  • Records Officer Update – 2015 Outdoor Season Results
  • October 2015 Indoor Records Update Summary of Indoor scores for October 2015. Please provide updates to the records Officer if the Badge information is incorrect! Important Announcement for LONGBOW and BARE-BOW Archers Indoor Portsmouth badges are now available to be earned for scores of 300.
  • A message from Records Officer The newly updated BOW Club Records are now available in the Club House (next to the completed score sheets). Please don't take the originals away.

Threshold scores for Outdoor Classifications

Senior Barebow - Imperial

thumbnail of Barebow Imperial Classification Rounds

Senior Barebow - Metric

thumbnail of Barebow Metric Classification Rounds

Senior Compound - Imperial

thumbnail of Compound Imperial Classification Rounds

Senior Compound - Metric

thumbnail of Compound Metric Classification Rounds

Senior Longbow - Imperial

thumbnail of Longbow Imperial Classification Rounds

Senior Longbow - Metric

thumbnail of Longbow Metric Classification Rounds

Senior Recurve - Imperial

thumbnail of Recurve Imperial Classification Rounds


Senior Recurve - Metric

thumbnail of Recurve Metric Classification Rounds