Starting Sunday 23rd April 2017, the formal club morning shoot will begin.  Every Sunday until September a suggested round will be shot by those members wishing to shoot in a relaxed but tournament like environment. 

 You do not need to register, you simply turn up at 10.30am, help set up the range and start shooting at 11am.  The published round will then be shot by all those in attendance.  The rounds have been chosen to fit in with forthcoming tournaments that some members are attending but also enable all to gain archery classifications and scores.   See the records officer (Heather) for more information.

 The suggested round is not mandatory, but those wishing to shoot independently on Sunday at 11am should expect to shoot on the right hand side of the field and follow the field captain (as elected on the day) for direction.

The suggested rounds are attached but also are published at the club house.


Hi All,

Please find below the February 2017 indoor report.
Congratulations to:
Jane Brydges - D Classification (Barebow)
Wendy Shaw - D Classification
Gary Grandin - E Classification (Longbow)
Matt Shaw - D Classification
Paul Bourner - D Classification

You may collect the badges from me at the field day on Saturday 11th March.

Heather Gierth

BOW Records Officer

Hello All,

Please find below the Indoor report for January 2017.

Congratulations to those who have achieved the following:
Chris Woods - D Classification
John Learoyd - C Classification
Lisa Grandin - Portsmouth 375
David Holland - Portsmouth 500
John Learoyd - Portsmouth 575
Badges will be left in the club house within the next couple of weeks.

There are 4 weeks left of the indoor season, why not come to St. Crispins next Saturday at 6pm and get your muscles and mind ready to go back outside in March. This week we are doing a Portsmouth round so why not come and join us? Whether you are experienced or just a beginner you will find a warm welcome, and it is never cold or windy! Of course there are also badges available for indoor ranking and scores for the Portsmouth round, what more do you need?!

Bowmen of Warfield have been awarded not only the Best Junior club award for 2016 but also the Best Senior club too at the Berkshire Archery Association (BAA) AGM.

The criteria to achieve these awards is made up of various elements such as number of members, number of coaches, number of tournaments attended, number of archers representing the county and being 1st and 2nd place at tournaments to name a few.

So well done everyone!

Hope you are getting your entries in for this years tournaments, entry forms can be found on the notice board in the clubhouse - let's try and retain these titles again for 2017!!