Archery Beginners Course

Beginners Course

If you have been inspired by the 2016 Olympics and Archery as a sports interests you and you would like to find out more then perhaps a Beginner's course would be for you. Maybe you have previously attended a Taster/Have a go session or you have had a go at archery on an activity day or whilst on holiday. Either way we welcome everyone young or old who wants to try out archery with a view to taking it up as a hobby or sport.

Next Course

The next beginner's Course will be held March 2019. The course will consist of five sessions. The first three will be indoors at St Crispins Leisure Centre and the final two will be outdoors at the Bowmen of Warfield field.


March 2nd, 9th & 16th 2019 from 5 pm for 2 hours at St Chrispins Leisure centre.
March 23rd & 30th 2019 from 10am for 3 hours at Bowmen of Warfield field.
If you would like to book a place on the course, please complete the following Application form and return to

The Course

We provide all the equipment so there is no need to buy anything.

Our group course consists of 5 lessons each of 120 (indoor) or 180 (outdoor) minutes. We only run two courses each year. Both are held on Saturday mornings

If it is necessary to cancel a lesson due to bad weather then it will be made up at a later date.

Our GNAS qualified Coaches will teach you the right technique and ensure that you know how to shoot safely. We'll also tell you all about target archery including

  • Safety, etiquette and the rules of shooting
  • Shooting rounds and scoring
  • The handicap and classification scheme
  • Introduce you to all the Bow Styles


£60 per person for juniors and Adults. £20 Non-refundable deposit when you register. £40 payable one week prior to the start of course. Please ensure you read the Terms & Conditions for booking and attending a course these are detailed below.

Clothing & Footwear

Please wear closed in shoes no flip-flops or open-toed sandals or heels allowed. Trainers or walking shoes are preferred.

You should wear comfortable but close-fitting clothing. Preferably please wear a tight fitted long sleeve top.

In particular, it's important that you avoid wearing loose clothing don't wear jumpers or jackets with baggy sleeves as the bowstring tends to catch on them and spoil your shot!

If it's chilly it's better to wear several thin layers rather than one bulky one and perhaps bring a woolly hat.


Places are limited and each year we have a waiting list of people waiting to attend our courses.


We welcome juniors from aged 8 and above onto the beginner's course. Parents/Carers/Guardians please be aware that Archery does require discipline as well as commitment and enthusiasm. In exceptional circumstances if a Junior is unable to shoot and use all the equipment safely then it may be necessary to advise that they cannot continue the course, in such circumstances course fees will be refunded.

Be aware that all juniors attending a course are required to be under the supervision of a Parent, Carer or Guardian at all times. All young people are regarded as juniors until they reach their 18th Birthday (No Exceptions) you cannot drop your son or daughter off to attend a course, so when booking for juniors please be aware you will have to attend all the sessions with them.

Terms & Conditions

  • An application form must be completed and posted to the club secretary along with your deposit fee in order to book a place on a course.
  • All medical conditions relevant to participating safely during the sport of archery must be disclosed on the course application form, at the time of application. (We do not discriminate on any medical condition we only require this information to ensure that relevant safety measures are in place for all course attendees. All medical information relevant to you completing a course is held in the strictest confidence and is only disclosed to the coaches/helpers teaching you).
  • The balance of the course fee must be paid in full prior to the start of the first lesson.
  • Beginner's course fees are non-refundable.
  • Attending a Beginner's course does not automatically entitle you to membership of the Bowmen of Warfield Archery club.
  • All juniors attending must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian who must remain present throughout the duration of each session of the course.
  • All coaching and shooting will be strictly in accordance with GNAS rules, regulations and practice. Any contravention of shooting or safety rules will result in immediate suspension from the lesson.
  • The Bowmen of Warfield cannot accept any responsibility for damage, loss or injury sustained whilst at the range or when entering, or leaving, the ground.
  • The Bowmen of Warfield reserve the right to exclude students from a beginners course should they persistently disobey the safety instructions or Rules of Shooting.
  • Membership of the Bowmen of Warfield Junior and Senior Archery club is at invitation on the full completion of a Beginners course.

Please make cheques payable to: "Bowmen of Warfield"


If you require any further information not detailed on this page then please feel free to contact Jeff by email at:

After The Course

Once you have completed the course and become a member,  the coaches will be on hand to guide you through the next phase of your archery life. To begin we have created a handy New Members Handbook, which you can download here, which explains how the club and archery in general works, amongst other things.

You can also record important information in the booklet.

Of course, if you have any questions, just approach a coach or a member of the club who will be only too happy to explain things.