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Good afternoon All

Following Mondays committee meeting it has been decided that a Field day is needed to carry out essential work.

The proposed date will be the 18th May and the following tasks will need to be completed.

1. Repair to the old shooting line, Lifting damaged slabs and replaced with new/reclaimed, laid on a bed of sharp sand,

      We are not replacing the complete line as there are other works to be done on the field in the future, but we do need to carry out some repairs.

       I envisage a team of 6 Burly blokes, shovels, wheel barrows and a skip....

2. Some but not all bosses will need repacking, Ideally looking for someone who has done this before to lead a team of 6.

      Replacement foam has been ordered.

3. Marking out of the field.

     Colin Simpson has agreed to head up a small team of 3 to make sure all the correct distances are marked across the field and the distance markers are in good order.

4. Following the car park work the contractor has left a lot of stones/rubble on the field, this will need to be gathered up and deposited out of the way so that the mower does not get damaged.

     We could do with a number of willing volunteers to do this seemingly menial but important job.

There may be other "tidying up" jobs but we need to get these 4 done as a matter of urgency.

Please come along and help YOUR club, Tea/Coffee Bacon rolls will be provided and if anyone fancies baking a cake or two.......

I would like an idea of numbers so please let me know or if you have any questions.

Thanking you ALL in anticipation.


The Archery GB - Big Weekend is a national initiative to promote archery throughout the UK. Clubs are opening their doors, and welcoming members of the public to come along with friends and family and give archery a go.

Bowmen of Warfield are holding their event on Saturday 15th June 2019

Each ticket grants you a 1 hour time slot to shoot with a coach to try out archery. Food & drink will be available to purchase.

See the Big Weekend Page for more details.