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Please find attached the Records report for scores received to June 2017.
Congratulations to those below who have achieved classifications for the first time, or for the juniors who have achieved them for their new age group:
Barnaby Grandin (U14) - Junior Bowman
Colin Simpson (Senior) - Third Class
David Holland (Senior) - Third Class
Hannah Devlin (U14) - Junior Bowman
Harriet Kelsey (Senior) - First Class
Jamie Devlin (U16) - First Class
John Learoyd (Senior) - Bowman
Lucy Flann (U16) - Second Class
Nikhil Lakhiani (U12) - First Class
Oscar Bourner (U16) - Second Class
Paul Bourner (Senior) - First Class
Robert Byran (Senior) - Third Class
Kind regards

Hi All,

Please find below the February 2017 indoor report.
Congratulations to:
Jane Brydges - D Classification (Barebow)
Wendy Shaw - D Classification
Gary Grandin - E Classification (Longbow)
Matt Shaw - D Classification
Paul Bourner - D Classification

You may collect the badges from me at the field day on Saturday 11th March.

Heather Gierth

BOW Records Officer

Hello All,

Please find below the Indoor report for January 2017.

Congratulations to those who have achieved the following:
Chris Woods - D Classification
John Learoyd - C Classification
Lisa Grandin - Portsmouth 375
David Holland - Portsmouth 500
John Learoyd - Portsmouth 575
Badges will be left in the club house within the next couple of weeks.

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached the first Indoor report of the 2016/2017 season.
Congratulations to the following who have earned badges!
Lisa Grandin - D Classification and a Portsmouth 325 badge
Lucy Flann - Portsmouth 375 badge
Chris woods - Portsmouth 375 badge
Huw Jones - C Classification and Portsmouth 575 badge
John Learoyd - Portsmouth 550 badge
Leon Venedikzoa - D Classification and a Portsmouth 475 badge
Oscar Bourner - F Classification and a Portsmouth 350 badge
Paul Bourner - E Classification and a Portsmouth 500 badge
Well done to you all - I'll leave the badges in the clubhouse when I'm next there.
Kind regards

Heather Gierth

BOW Records Officer

Hello Everyone,

Please find attached the latest report for Outdoor scores submitted and received by the end of September 2016.
Congratulations to the following who have achieved or re-achieved classifications:
  • Hannah Powell - Junior Master Bowman
  • Laura Tudor - Bowman
  • Colin Davies - First Class
  • Harry Lakhiana - Second Class
The 2016 Outdoor season reports will close on Sunday 30th October.  So please make sure you submit your scores by this date.

To all those who haven't yet discovered the Berkshire Archery Association website, use the following link to see where you stand in Berkshire!

There are two ranks.  Firstly the 'Leisure Ranking' is for all archers.  I submit the scores you have achieved during the month, either at the club or at a competition.  Any official round is eligible. You must submit 3 scores before your name will appear. The average of your best three score handicaps are used to rank you against other archers in the county.

The 'Competition Ranking' is intended for adult archers who would like to put their name forward for selection to shoot for the county.  Archers must submit a relevant 12 dozen round score.  If you'd like me to put your name forward for this ranking, please let me know.  Only one score is required and if the round is shot at a tournament it attracts a 2 point handicap improvement.  From next year, this selection process will be extended to junior archers.  I will let you know the eligible rounds for each age group when they have been published.

If you have any questions let me know!