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Please find details of the Frostbite league update and the indoor season progress.

Frostbite 2018-2019 - Dec 18

BOW Indoor Report Nov 2018

Well done to the following members who have been awarded badges this month


  • Mike Hardman 250
  • Dave Pengelly 250
  • Nick Wells 250
  • Neil Lancaster 250
  • Mark Davidson 250
  • Keith Swanepeol 300


  • Brogan Burke 450 & F Classification
  • Colin Simpson C Classification
  • Colin Whysall 550
  • Ed Cecil 450
  • Hannah Devlin 500
  • Harvey Cecil 475
  • Isabelle Cunningham 325
  • Joel Kerslake 350
  • Joshua Hetherington 450 & D Classification
  • Julie Robinson F Classification
  • Keith Swanepeol 525 & D Classification
  • Leon Venediktou 500 & C Classification
  • Mark Davidson 500 & E Classification
  • Mike Hardman 500 & D Classification
  • Neil Lancaster E Classification
  • Olivia Woolgar 300 & F Classification
  • Rebecca Powell 525

Please find the handicaps and classifications for members who shot during 2018 in the outdoor season and submitted the relevant scores.  This is your 2019 starting handicap and classification.  If you happen to submit an outdoor score between now and the end of the year that would change this, I will let you know personally.



I have a number of 252 badges which remain unpaid/unclaimed and despite emails, I still have not received monies.  Please either contact me direct to arrange payment or leave £2 on the notice board, clearly marked.  A badge will then be left at the clubhouse for you to collect.

Classification Updates
Well done to the following for achieving for the first time, the relevant classification.
  • Emily Oldfield - Recurve 3rd & 2nd Class
  • Isabelle Cunnigham - Recurve 3rd & 2nd Class
  • Joel Kerslake - Recurve 3rd & 2nd Class
  • Keith Swanepoel - Recurve 3rd Class
  • Mark Davidson - Recurve 2nd Class
  • Olivia Woolgar - Recurve 3rd & 2nd Class

BOW 2018 Outdoor Season - April Report

The first of the outdoor reports for the 2018 Season.  The reports includes all score sheets left at the club house and any competition results that I have been notified about.

Please email me directly ( with any competitions you attend so I can pick up the necessary results and record your score, classification and handicap.

For anyone unsure of what a handicap, score or classification are then please contact a coach or ask/email me direct.  For those that achieve a new classification this year, a badge will be handed out accordingly.  However, if you have already achieved this classification  in a previous year, a badge will not!

The club records have been recently updated and the latest copy has been pinned to the notice board in the clubhouse.

If you have any questions or observations then please feel free to contact me.