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BOW Report Feb 2018

Congratulations to the following people

  • Colin Simpson - 550 Portsmouth Badge
  • Harvey Cecil - F classification
  • Rab Miller - E classification

Badges will be handed out during the month of March and/or left on the notice board in the club house.

Next month, the final indoor report will be produced and therefore please advise if you are taking part in any indoor tournaments/shooting in early April which would normally be excluded.  Unless notified otherwise, the indoor season will be concluded at the end of March and the outdoor season will formally begin.  For anyone who has started shooting outdoors, and I'm aware of some outdoor tournaments which start soon, these scores will be recorded, but will be included within the first outdoor report in April.

Please find attached the indoor report for December BOW Report December 2017 - All scores up to the end of December 2017 have been included.

Congratulations to those who have achieved the following:

  • Imogen Walton         425 Portsmouth Badge
  • Harvey Cecil               450 Portsmouth Badge
  • Adam Proctor-Lowe 475 Portsmouth Badge
  • Huw Jones                  580 Portsmouth Badge
  • Nick Ludlam               F Classification
  • Gerard Lambourne    F Classification

Badges will be handed out during January.


BOW Report December 2017

Dear All,

Please find attached the latest, up to and including 3rd December, Frostbite league.

Congratulations to those who have achieved the following new awards/badges

  • Oscar Bourner - 200
  • Michael Heary (Longbow) - 200
  • Adam Proctor-Lowe - 250
  • Hannah Devlin - 250
  • Gerald Lambourne - 250
  • Nick Flann - 250
  • Peter Wise - 275
  • Colin Simpson - 325

Frostbite 2017-2018 - Up to 3-12-17


Gary Grandin

Records Officer


Please find attached the first of the indoor reports.  All scores up to the end of November 2017 have been included.

Congratulations to those who have achieved the following:

  • Nikhil Lakhiani 325 Portsmouth Badge
  • Maya Gheorghe 350 Portsmouth Badge (barebow)
  • Oscar Bourner 400 Portsmouth Badge
  • Adam Proctor-Lowe 425 Portsmouth Badge
  • Harvey Cecil 425 Portsmouth Badge
  • Leon Venediktou 475 Portsmouth Badge (barebow)
  • Barnaby Grandin 500 Portsmouth Badge
  • Nick Flann 500 Portsmouth Badge
  • Fiona Priestley 500 Portsmouth Badge & D Classification
  • John Walton 525 Portsmouth Badge
  • Paul Bourner 525 Portsmouth Badge
  • Sophie Meering 525 Portsmouth Badge
  • Colin Simpson 525 Portsmouth Badge & D Classification
  • Matt Hams 550 Portsmouth Badge (compound)
  • Matthew Dale 580 Portsmouth Badge (compound)
  • Jamie Adams 585 Portsmouth Badge
  • Rab Miller F Classification

Badges will be handed out during December.

BOW Report November 2017


Starting Sunday 23rd April 2017, the formal club morning shoot will begin.  Every Sunday until September a suggested round will be shot by those members wishing to shoot in a relaxed but tournament like environment. 

 You do not need to register, you simply turn up at 10.30am, help set up the range and start shooting at 11am.  The published round will then be shot by all those in attendance.  The rounds have been chosen to fit in with forthcoming tournaments that some members are attending but also enable all to gain archery classifications and scores.   See the records officer (Heather) for more information.

 The suggested round is not mandatory, but those wishing to shoot independently on Sunday at 11am should expect to shoot on the right hand side of the field and follow the field captain (as elected on the day) for direction.

The suggested rounds are attached but also are published at the club house.