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Starting Sunday 23rd April 2017, the formal club morning shoot will begin.  Every Sunday until September a suggested round will be shot by those members wishing to shoot in a relaxed but tournament like environment. 

 You do not need to register, you simply turn up at 10.30am, help set up the range and start shooting at 11am.  The published round will then be shot by all those in attendance.  The rounds have been chosen to fit in with forthcoming tournaments that some members are attending but also enable all to gain archery classifications and scores.   See the records officer (Heather) for more information.

 The suggested round is not mandatory, but those wishing to shoot independently on Sunday at 11am should expect to shoot on the right hand side of the field and follow the field captain (as elected on the day) for direction.

The suggested rounds are attached but also are published at the club house.


It seems like every week, more competition entry forms are being released.  Our tournaments page will be updated with the local/relevant tournaments as soon as we know anything about them.

In some instances the date has been set but the forms are being worked on.  In these instances we will publish the popular shoots so you can reserve them in your diary.

Keep checking back as we will be updating the web page regularly and putting a physical entry form in the club house.

With immediate effect, any results from external tournaments should be sent to  Those already sent in April and May should not be resent.  It would be helpful, but not mandatory, if the subject line could mention the competition and within the detail contain the archers name, sex, age category, bow type, date, round shot and score.  However, you must include either the official results as an attachment or a weblink to the results for the scores to be processed.   The tournament will either be record status or not so please supply details if this is not clear within the results/weblink.

Please continue to place club scores shot at the club in the noticeboard container in the clubhouse.  Please refrain from placing hard copy results from external tournaments at the club house unless absolutely necessary.

The results from external competitions will be accumulated monthly and then processed by Heather, our Records Officer, on a monthly basis in arrears.