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If you have not received an invite or would like to join, please email with your name (only members & associates of BOW) to

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If you do not join this email group, you will not receive any updates or important announcements such as field closures etc

To enable set up of the field in preparation for our "Big Archery Weekend" on the 15th June, we will be closing the field for shooting on Friday 14th June at 5pm.

The field we reopen for shooting once the ground has been reset on Saturday 15th June. Based on previous years, the field should be open from 5pm on 15th June. However, this is subject to a number of variables including help from members on the day.

The first of the monthly report for outdoor scores submitted to the records officer. If you shoot at a tournament please email the records officer ( with the relevant official results.

Well done to the following who have achieved for the first time the following badges. Please note these badges are complimentary and will be handed out over the next week or left on the notice board.

Maisie Bourner 2nd Class Recurve

Michael Hardman 1st Class Recurve

Nick Wells 2nd Class Recurve

All score sheets should be left in the club house on the relevant notice board in tray. Please note that only scores that are signed by both the archer and scorer are acceptable.

For those that have submitted 252 badges, please leave £2 on the notice board with your name clearly detailed. The badge will be left once the money and score sheet have been received.

*** UPDATED 18 MARCH ***

Well done to the following members who will receive badges during March. The badges will either be handed out or left on the club notice board.


Arthur Chiles - 250

Mark Davidson - 300

Mike Hardman - 275

Neil Lancaster - 275


David Holland - D classification

David Pengelly - 500 & E classification

Paul Bourner - 550

Frostbite Results All Checked & Now OK